The Vision for Edgware Town Centre

the High Street

Our vision is to drive the regeneration and renewal of Edgware Town Centre, focusing on Station Road. The partnership will set an ambitious plan to transform the area within three years.

Key Projects

Key projects will include:

  • A marketing and branding strategy for the area

  • A cultural masterplan and infrastructure delivery strategy, aimed at reactivating the high street through arts and cultural activities

  • High street events and activations

  • Public realm improvement programmes

  • Business support programmes

  • Temporary interventions and meanwhile projects for empty shops

Championing Culture
and Community

The project will use arts and culture to activate the town centre and encourage footfall, increase dwell time and support the local business community to build and maintain a sustainable town centre.

A key part of our work will be to create the conditions for crowd-sourced events to take place that can be run independently by the local community. We want to engage with the community at every stage of the process and actively involve the local creative and cultural business community in the development of the town centre.