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Barnet Town Centre Heroes Exhibition

Barnet Town Centre Heroes exhibition is part of the Discover Barnet campaign and is celebrating the people within our main town centres who have gone above and beyond to serve their community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We want to honour those everyday heroes who make a significant difference in our borough.

Each hero has been nominated by their fellow community members for their public-spiritedness, and their portraits and stories have been captured by Humans of London and presented by Playne Design.

The outdoor exhibition has now ended, however, you can still enjoy the virtual exhibition here.

Edgware Town Centre Heroes

In Edgware, we’re appreciating committed PCSO Diane, the brave frontline team of the Broadwalk Shopping Centre, caring companion Jenny, irrepressible hairdresser Ibro, love-spreading volunteer Maxine, the Larches team who are all about empowering those with special needs, dedicated supermarket manager Omar and generous provider Sharon.

Explore the stories of the local heroes in Edgware here.