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Re-enchanting the Edg[e]ware with Becky Lyon

Sunday 18 June, 17:30 – 19:00 BST | Start location: outside Edgware Underground Station
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Join local artist and London National Park City ranger for Barnet, Becky Lyon, on an evening walk in Edgware. At first glance, the suburban high street might feel relatively nature-poor but how might we shift our attention differently in order to invite ecology to shimmer to the fore? You will explore how to recognise the signs of ecology in the margins, gaps and cracks and build your own magical relationships with your surroundings wherever you are. You will also follow parts of the “Let’s meet on the Edge” alternative walking trail developed for the London Festival of Architecture 2023 drawing attention to hidden layers as we go. This forms part of a two-part walking series by the artist.